Company Story

In 2003, our co-founder, Jennifer Fallon, was searching for wedding favors for her own wedding.  When she saw what little the market had to offer, she quickly realized that there was a huge business opportunity waiting for her to explore.  So, she set up a Yahoo internet store, started selling wedding favors, and the rest is history! After conducting business out of her basement for a year, Jennifer and her small team had sold more than one million dollars of product.  Soon, she realized she could do even more and decided to design and manufacture her own line. She teamed with DJ Meng and Shirley Wang, two enterprising colleagues who brought IT and Sourcing expertise, and together they launched Kate Aspen in 2004.
Within no time, Kate Aspen became the market leader in unique, beautifully packaged wedding favors at an affordable price.  Two years later, Jennifer, her partners and the growing team introduced Kate Aspen baby shower favors, and these adorable creations flew off the shelves!  By this time, Jennifer had baby on her mind, thanks to the success of the baby shower favors and the pending arrival of her twin baby girls. In February 2007, we launched a line of unique baby gifts under the name Baby Aspen.  
With two distinctive brands and rave reviews from consumers and buyers, we now have an exciting company where employees can learn, share, advance and be a part of something very special – The Aspen Brands Company!
From one to tens of millions in four years and sales across the nation and the world--The Aspen Brands Company is a true-life success story. But it’s not just the products or the sales that make our company what it is. It’s the sixty-five talented associates, all contributors, who make a difference every day, creating and supporting the company’s mission.